Soluble Calcium Recipe

Soluble Calcium Recipe

15 October 2022

Step be step guide to DiY soluble calcium solution

Soluble Calcium Recipe

What you need

to make 200ml solution

1) Dried eggshells at least 10, may be more

2) Apple cider vinegar (ACD), 200ml

3) Wide mouthed glass container at least 500ml size

4) Stirrer - wooden or plastic

5) Airtight glass or plastic bottle >200ml size


- Crush egg shell in to small pieces (mixie)

- Fry the crushed shells until it turns brown

- For 1 spoon eggshell, add 5 spoons apple cider vinegar in wide mouthed bottle and shake well. It will bubble. Keep stirring until the bubble stops.

- The bubbling stops but  there is still eggshell residue in the bottle, add some more ACD until everything dissolves.

- Now add another spoon egg shell and stir until there is some shell residue.

- Add vinegar and stir to dissolve egg shells.

- Repeat the process until done with all egg shells or ACD.

- Store in the fridge as long as you want

Application method

- 5ml in a Lt. of water and feed once a week for Chilli,  Tomato, Spinach and such plants that need calcium.

- If you can make it, it is one of the best inputs for tomato and chilli plants for soluble calcium.

- Calcium deficiency leads to Blossom end rot of tomatoes. In chilli plants, it leads to brittle and curly leaves.

Happy Gardening!

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