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Pest Advice

Pest Advice

10 October 2022

A garden is only as healthy as much pests are under control!

Nature is a wholesome balance of all things good and bad. First of all, the connotation of good or bad is subjective to the point of view.

Case in point are the Pests. Are they bad? The answer depends on to whom? Within nature, there is nothing called as bad. Each and every participant has a definitive role to play and therefore contributes for a universal balance. However, in the gardening context, we have a specific purpose other than that of nature - to grow chemical free food of our choice while enjoying a lush and healthy garden. This now deviates from the universal balance that nature would have otherwise gone for. Therefore, anything that inhibits and poses difficulty in achieving our purpose in the garden is bad for us; pests and diseases included!

So, better gear up proactively for preventive care and early detection rather than feeling sorry later. Taking it easy initially will take its toll later!!

Next obvious question will be "how to take care?" I have been also getting these questions as DMs. Through this blogpost, i try to provide a simple and easy way for effectively managing your garden pests.

It is very crucial that you follow the recommended practice earnestly!! The steps suggested seems rather simplistic only if followed diligently.


Living Soil ▶️ Nutrition ▶️ Healthy Plant ▶️ Robustness against pests and diseases ▶️ 70-80% managed!

Early Detection

First instance ▶️ Control measure ▶️ 15 - 25% managed!

Severe Infestation

Pruning ▶️ Aggressive control ▶️ Discard plant if nothing works ▶️ limit to < 5% of cases

Happy Gardening!

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