Plant nutrition
Nutrition Schedule

Nutrition Schedule

7 October 2022

A ready reckoner guide for planning your nutrition calendar.

It is imperative that nutrition must be supplied to plants regularly for their growth and yield.

With so many options available off the shelf as well as DiY recipes that you can google, it quickly becomes overwhelming to create a practically viable plan of action.

Based on nearly a decade of accumulated experience through own experiments and experiences from hundreds of customer gardens that we have setup and supporting, I have arrived at a concise yet wholesome and practical set of nutritional supplements that is within the grasp of even beginners of food gardening.

It comprises of a combination of both liquid and solid nutrition. It is important to ensure that this combination caters to a wide variety of vegetables that you intend to grow through out the year without leading to any deficiency. Therefore, diversity of input source is one of the important considerations in this recommendation. 

The nutrition schedule is structured based on the type and frequency of application.

1️⃣ Liquid Nutrition

Frequency: Weekly ( any one at a time)

Jivamrut - 50 to 100 ml in 1 Lt. Water

Panchagavya - 30 ml in 1 Lt. Water

Bokashi Brew - 30 ml in 1 Lt. Water

Compost Tea - 50 to 100 ml in 1 Lt. Water

Bioenzyme - 30 ml in 1 Lt. Water

RECCOMENDATION: For better results, apply half dosage twice a week. Plants enjoy more frequent nutritional boosts in smaller quantities.
I am now applying liquid nutrition every 3 days and you are seeing the results how my garden is thriving and yielding!

2️⃣ Solid Nutrition

Frequency: Fortnightly (once in 2 weeks)

Vermicompost - 2 handfuls per plant. 1 for small plants and up to 4 for bigger plants and fruit trees.

For fruit trees on terrace, a monthly application is more suitable. On land, even quarterly or half yearly regimen is apt depending on the variety and age of the tree. For specific advise, please get in touch with us.

Frequency: Monthly

Biofertilizers - 50g diluted in 20 lt. water for all plants.

Plant nutrimix - 1 to 2 tbsp per plant, 4tbsp for fruit trees when flowering begins.

Additional to nutrimix for flowering plants and during flowering/fruiting stage for vegetable plants;

Epsom Salt, 1 tbsp per plant, and

Rock phosphate, 1 tbsp per plant, and

Dolomite, 1 tsp per plant - More specifically for calcium hungry plants like Tomato, Chilli, Brinjal etc.)

This concise nutrition schedule covers most of your gardening needs. However, this does not negate the benefits of host lot of other nutrition options available. Please feel free to make your choice of combination of nutritional supplements from within this recommendation as well as others depending on your preferences and easy availability.


Tbsp = Table spoon (approx. 15g)

Tsp = Teaspoon (approx. 5g)

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Happy Gardening!

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