How to grow Wheat Grass?
How to grow Wheat Grass?

How to grow Wheat Grass?

11 October 2022

Step be step guide to DiY growing wheat grass

Growing Wheatgrass

What you need

1) A tray 1-1.5" depth and at least 9" long x 6" wide

2) Cocopeat 500g

3) Whole wheat (preferably organic)

4)  Water

5) Water spray pump (optional)

6) A pair of scissors


- Fill the tray with cocopeat to 2/3rd its depth.

- Spray water on it to soak but not soggy.

- Sprinkle wheat on the surface of cocopeat to cover entirely.

- Spray water again to wet the seeds.

- Spread cocopeat thinly on the seeds to just cover them and spry water lightly again.

- Keep it on a windowsill or on the fridge or on your desk or just anywhere convenient.

- Frequently spray water to ensure cocopeat doesn't dry up

- The seeds will start germinating by about the third day.

- Bring the tray to just a couple of hours of morning Sun every day.

- Regularly spray close to the cocopeat surface to keep it moist but not soggy.

- Harvest using a pair of scissors no later than 7th or 8th day to enjoy it tender and fresh!

How to consume

1) In salads - chop and mix

2) make wheat grass juice with other ingredients. It's recipe for another blogpost!

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