Compost tea
Make your own Compost Tea for plants

Make your own Compost Tea for plants

8 October 2022

Step be step guide to DiY compost tea.

Compost Tea Recipe

What you need

     1) A bucket

     2) Aerator aquarium pump with 2 stones

     3) Old socks

     4) A stick longer than the bucket diameter

     5) Vermicompost 2 to 4 handful

     6) 50g jaggery

     7) 3/4th bucket water


- Fill the bucket with water.

- Setup aerator pump such that the stones are at the bottom of the bucket.

- Mix powdered jaggery to water.

- Fill compost inside the socks.

- Tie the socks to the sticks such that it can hang in the bucket to 2/3 the depth when the stick is placed on the rim of the bucket.

- Place the bucket in a cool shaded place. No direct sun and rain.

- Ensure the aerator pump is properly placed above the water level in the bucket and such that it does not accidentally fall in to water.

- Switch the pump ON.

- Keep squeezing thevsocks from time to time to allow thr decoction to seep in.

- After 24 hrs, switch off the pump.

Compost Tea is ready!

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