Ant Control Recipe with Boric acid

Ant Control Recipe with Boric acid

13 October 2022

Step be step guide to DiY ant control treatment.

Anti-Ant Application

What you need

1) Borax or Boric powder (carrom board powder acvailable in medical store)

2) Sugar

3) Water


Take 2 tbsp each of boric powder and sugar and mix with few drops of water to make a dough

Roll it in to small marble

Application method

Place these marbles in the trail of ants up to its colony. About 4-5 marbles

How it works

Sugar is the lure. Ants will pick the dough from marbles and take them to their colony. Entire colony consumes this feed. Boric acid is hygroscopic. It swells up inside the ants by dehydrating them

The entire colony (almost) will collapse in 1 or 2 applications. Repeat this for all colonies to get rid of them from your garden. As a preventive measure, at the first sight of ants, follow this procedure.

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